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The hood car

When the United States Mint produced a series of statehood quarters minted 1999 through 2008, I found myself aboard the collectors’ bandwagon, eagerly trying to round up all of them. Although I aborted about halfway through my mission of collecting all 50 state coins, I would bet many folks likely have the full set. Collections can go far beyond coins since having a collection is an incredibly personal experience and can be anything you want it to be. Going on a treasure hunt in an antique or collectible store can be enjoyed across all age groups and everyone stands to find something special.

Las Cruces

Those looking for unique merchandise will find The Hood to be like no other shop and is sure to provide an overall jaw-dropping experience. When I took a rainy afternoon visit to The Hood recently, I must have said aloud, “Oh, wow!” at least 10 times. Owner Richard Parra and Manager C. Sephra Reyes lead the charge with unmatched customer service and distinctive display techniques. “We strive to offer our customers a different experience each time they visit, reorganizing the flow of our space frequently and bringing in new items as we find them,” Sephra said.

The shop houses mid-century modern homeware, vintage motorcycle and automobile accessories, local artwork, vintage automobiles, and just about anything else
your heart might desire. Sephra tells potential patrons that what may interest a person in the shop depends on their taste. “Folks come in with many different interest points and are able to find items that speak to them,” Sephra said.

Customers can find several items with an affordable price tag between $5 to $10 and apparel from $10 to $35. Even artwork done by local artists can be found for less than $50. “When we acquire items and pieces at affordable prices, we enjoy passing that affordability onto our customers,” Sephra said.

The shop is quite active on social media where you can find hours of operation, sales, apparel, and even sign up for an email newsletter to keep up with happenings at The Hood.

Collectibles gift shopEl Paso

Collectibles Gift Shop has been serving El Paso for more than 40 years and offers a wide variety of items including distinctive gift baskets and products from local
designers and artists. Creations imported from Juárez are also offered, such as beautifully hand-painted ceramic dishes. I visited the shop one Saturday morning and was immediately welcomed with an offering of fresh-brewed coffee. The entire store smelled of hazelnut and was the sample coffee bean flavor of the day, available for purchase as well. As I strolled through the store, I was asked several times if I needed assistance or was searching for anything specific, which made me feel like the staff was undoubtedly experts in their craft. I ended up purchasing an old-fashioned game of Jacks and I will certainly be a repeat customer to the shop, where both the coffee and staff are as warm as can be!

The founder of Mesa Street Antique Mall has been in the estate sale and collectibles industry for more than 22 years. The tan-bricked building sits nestled at the far end of the strip mall with a sign reading “antiques” flowing vertically down the inside of the front window. It buys, sells, and trades numerous antiques including jewelry that is made in the United States. Another distinctive aspect of this business is that every item that makes its way into the store is hand-picked. Aside from the various treasures you will find for purchase in the store, Mesa Street Antique Mall also hosts liquidation sales twice a month for clients looking to sell an entire estate or those just trying to let go of a few items. If you can’t make it down to the brick-and-mortar location, it also offers many products on eBay under the seller profile “waltiques.”

whoopee bowl antiqueCanutillo

If you have ever driven down Interstate 10, you are sure to have taken a gander at The Whoopee Bowl Antique Mall. The items that always seem to draw my attention are the giant dinosaur figurines and an old Navy fighter plane with an active propeller. I took a visit to the massive 11,000-squarefoot space, including two stories, and was stunned by the sheer number of products there are to sift through. In addition to its inventory, The Whoopee Bowl also features 15 dealers that have items for sale in their own dedicated spaces. During my visit, some of the highlights I found were Coca-Cola products, McDonald’s memorabilia, gumball machines, an assortment of classic wood stoves, traditional fireplaces, and model car collections. They even have a sewing machine for sale that is more than 100 years old and in good working order!


You can’t miss the more than 20,000 square feet of the self-acclaimed “Everything Store!” right off Highway 70. The Ruidoso Emporium is home to antiques, furniture, collectibles, art, and jewelry. The store has something for everyone, including work by local artists. If you have your own valuables to sell, it offers vendor space to get your products in front of customers. It is open 9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. every day of the week.

Silver City

You may have heard of this place by several different names, such as the Silver City Trading Post, Silver City Antique Mall, or the Silver City Trading Company. However you may recognize this business, the historic building that used to be occupied by a meat market and shoe shop is located on the corner of Texas and Broadway. The Silver City Trading Co. Antiques Mall houses Americana, Victorian, cowboy, and Native American items, as well as comics, records, china dolls, clocks, quilts, and furniture.

Truth or Consequences

About 6,000 residents in the modest town of Truth or Consequences are willing to share One of a Kind Gifts & Treasures with those passing through. It is a small, family-owned and -operated gift shop that carries various items, new and old. It has a neat assortment of unique incense burners, tapestries, canvas prints, jewelry, and more. Look around! You’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Whether you are a seasoned curator looking to add to your private display or are a novice creating a collection for the first time, heading to an antique or collectible store allows you to experience a blast from the past, and offers an opportunity to truly let your inspiration be your guide! You might be surprised by what you find!



The Whoopee Bowl Antique Mall
9010 N. Desert Blvd.

El Paso

Collectibles Gift Shop
1530 Lomaland Drive

Mesa Street Antique Mall
6545 N. Mesa St.

Las Cruces

The Hood New Mexico
3206 Harrelson St.


Ruidoso Emporium
519 US-70

Silver City

Silver City Antique Mall
205 W. Broadway St.

Truth or Consequences

One of a Kind Gifts & Treasures
525 N. Broadway St.



Story and photography by Desiree Bustamantes

Originally published in Neighbors magazine.

Posted by LasCruces.com

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