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Meet Roasted Rooster Coffee & Waffles

Roasted Rooster Coffee & Waffles offers creative take on comfort food, beverages, and desserts, paired with a warm, community-oriented service. We take pride in delivering an exceptional coffee experience, crafted from a special blend of beans expertly roasted by Picacho Coffee Roasters, our local coffee aficionados.

Our mouthwatering waffles, made fresh each day, can be personalized with an impressive selection of toppings, syrups, and sauces, allowing you to tailor your waffles and sandwiches just the way you like them.

Our aim was to redefine the conventional waffle experience, transforming a classic treat into an exciting dining adventure. At the Roasted Rooster, our commitment extends beyond great coffee and food. As a community-focused business, we prioritize using local ingredients and actively participate in giving back through various charitable efforts.

We warmly welcome you to Roasted Rooster, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.