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We've all been spending more time in our homes and investing time and energy into creating our own personal paradise in our yards. Find a wealth of ideas in the stories linked to this page as well as some great local companies that can either find you the new home of your dreams or help make the one you have even happier.
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Home Tour | “Two Hollers Away” Country Living

Dreaming of country living, but work or other obligations keep you tied to town? This could be the home for you! Listing agent Elias “Eli” Elizaldez calls this property a “two-holler” house — “You have neighbors, but they are far enough away that you have to holler twice for them to hear you!” To visit this country manor, turn down the private dirt road, pass through the gate at the end, and there you are. Check out the home’s classic design, and look around to take in your surroundings: rosebushes, a lush lawn, and the scent of hay wafting from the pastures. Enter through the ornate wrought iron door and notice the built-in planters in the foyer that create an elegant transition space between inside and out. Spoiler alert: A unique and fascinating aspect of this home is the thoughtfulness with which the “zones” of the house were planned. There are work zones, private family zones, and entertainment zones. At 6,000-plus square feet, this house clearly has ample room, but the layout makes it feel cozy and inviting, not cavernous and cold. The tile flooring, muted wall color, and wooden shutters all extend throughout the house, seamlessly joining the “zones.” The first work zone, just past the foyer, has a suite layout. To one side is the office and to the other is a sitting area with a huge window, a fireplace, and a powder room close by — perfect for small meetings or as a client waiting area. The design is that of a contained space, with no line of sight to the living areas beyond. Walk down the hallway past the work zone, and the layout widens — dramatically — as you are greeted with a stunning view through the 24-foot window. The view is expansive, and sunlight on the second-floor wooden walkways creates a subtle glow. You’ve reached the entertainment zone! To your left is a space that could be used as it is currently — an intimate, surround-sound TV area — or could be left empty to open the layout even more. A two-sided fireplace divides…
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