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In addition to advocacy and cultural preservation, NMIAD provides a wide range of resources and support services to Native communities. These include educational programs, healthcare initiatives, economic development opportunities, and more. By empowering Native communities and fostering collaboration we can help to create a brighter future for all New Mexicans. As you travel through the enchanting landscapes of Santa Fe and Taos, take a moment to learn about the vital work of the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department. Whether you’re a tourist seeking to understand our rich cultural heritage or a member of a Native community in need of support, the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department is here for you.

For more information about the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department and its initiatives, visit their website at Join us in honoring and supporting our Native communities as we continue to write the next chapter of our state’s rich history.

Welcome to the Land of Enchantment, where vibrant tribal cultures and rich heritage flourish. As you explore the diverse landscapes and cultures of New Mexico, it’s essential to understand the crucial role of the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department (NMIAD) in advocating for Native communities and preserving our cultural legacy.

New Mexico boasts the highest Native American population per capita in the United States, with over 20% of our residents identifying as Native American or Alaska Native. In this rich tapestry of cultures, we serve as a beacon of support, ensuring that tribal interests are represented and honored.

We are committed to advocating for the welfare and prosperity of Native communities across the state. From the majestic Pueblos to the sprawling lands of the Navajo Nation, this organization works tirelessly to address the unique challenges faced by each tribe and pueblo.

Our vision is to preserve and promote tribal cultures and traditions. Through various initiatives and programs, the department fosters cultural awareness and appreciation among both residents and visitors alike. Whether it’s supporting traditional arts and crafts or hosting cultural events, NMIAD plays a pivotal role in preserving our rich heritage for future generations. Our impact extends far beyond cultural preservation. The department is actively involved in advocating for Native American rights and addressing critical issues such as missing and murdered Indigenous persons. With over 200 unsolved cases reported in the state, this organization is at the forefront of efforts to ensure justice for affected families.