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It was just over a year ago that most of us started working and attending school from home, along with learning how to make pizza dough from scratch. The world is a different place, and our personal spaces have become more relevant than ever. Cleaning, sanitizing, and organizing those areas were some of the only activities we all found ourselves doing once we finished streaming Tiger King or Bridgerton.

While more ambitious Las Crucens may have gone to home improvement stores to figure out how to reorganize their closets, seeking out professional help is usually recommended when dealing with making holes in your walls. To the rescue is Classy Closets, a local business that specializes in creating unique, beautiful, and functional organizational systems where you need them most.

As a young business owner, Jared Taylor could not have been more excited to start his new venture in January 2020, not knowing what was on the not so (socially) distant horizon. Jared, a New Mexico State University alumnus, sat down with me at his showroom at 909 W. Amador in Las Cruces to discuss the services Classy Closets provides the Mesilla Valley.

You may wonder, as I did, what exactly is a “custom closet” and how does it differ from the walk-in closet that came with my house? While taking a tour of the showroom and talking to one of the designers at Classy Closets, I quickly realized there are many options I never knew were available. The quality, commercial grade space-saving products look fantastic while providing the peace that is found in organizational systems. With more than 200 colors and textures available for all jobs big and small, customers can transform a basic reach-in bedroom closet to a perfect space-saving area for about $600. Classy Closets is also the place to make your MTV Cribs dreams come true with a gorgeous and utilitarian walk-in closet that would make Mariah Carey jealous.

Classy Closets, as you might guess from the name, specializes in closets, but I learned Jared and his crew offer numerous ways to personalize and organize your home. They will customize any space specifically to your taste and function needs.

“The home office has become one of our most requested projects since the pandemic started,” says Jared. “People are working from home. They want a space that doesn’t feel like they are.”

Jared, who is often wearing an earnest and friendly smile, is one of the most optimistic business owners I have met. Once I started speaking with him about the jobs and his customers, he had a more serious demeanor. “We are in the most personal spaces of our clients’ home, and this fact never escapes me,” Jared says. “This is their closet, their bedroom, their office. We want to respect their space and wow them every day, not just the day we leave the job.”

According to Jared, the first and most important part of the process is the consultation. Classy Closet’s proprietary software allows designers to show clients what even their craziest ideas will look like in reality. The designers will hand-draw designs into the software to develop a rendering that is realistic and creates a visualization for the client before a single wall is touched. Most storage compartments come in standard sizes, but that is not necessarily how homes are built. What looks great on the outside of the home does not always make them functional inside.

Classy Closets can create storage and display areas at any height, depth, or shape. There are no restrictions, Jared says. We went on-site to one of Classy Closet’s jobs to see some of their work in action at a gorgeous home in the middle of pecan farming country. The owner of the house was gracious enough to let us take some photos. The existing his-and-her closets were nice, but when Classy Closets put their expertise to work, the side-by-side closets went from merely functional to elegant and eye-catching. My favorite addition was the Murphy bed Classy Closets installed in the guest house. (I just think they’re the coolest things!) When tucked away in the wall, the Murphy bed’s camouflage looks extremely charming while creating more space for guests in the smaller domicile.

This homeowner was completely amazed by the outcome of their investment. What she spoke about mostly was the professionalism of Classy Closets. “Jared’s crew came into my home and they were clean, they were courteous, they worked hard, and worked quickly,” she remarked.

Jared joined forces with his business partner, Justin Sherwood of longtime local business Sher-Wood Cabinetry, to open Classy Closets. “Justin wanted to open Classy Closets and offered me a position as general manager,” Jared says, “I saw the potential and unique quality of Classy Closets, and Justin was kind enough to let me buy into the business.”

Quality is the cornerstone of Jared’s philosophy, and this is obvious in talking to him and seeing his professionalism out in the field. Classy Closets is the vehicle through which he can make his philosophy come to light. Jared’s optimism is contagious, and his attitude toward every client and job is one of gratitude and appreciation.
Stay Classy, Las Cruces!

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Written by Daniel Gonzales | Photography by Amada Gonzales 

Originally published on Neighbors magazine | 2021

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