What Makes a Liberal Arts College a Smart Choice?

When considering what you expect from your college journey, maybe a liberal arts school like the one at St. John’s is the right fit for you. Are you leaning towards specialized education that narrows down to a single profession? Or perhaps you’re interested in a broader educational canvas that opens doors to diverse career paths. Schools like St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico, offer this wide-ranging, liberal arts experience.

Predicting the future isn’t something most of us can do. Two decades from now, who knows what new jobs will emerge or how our lives will change? Take the mobile phone for instance. Four decades back, it was non-existent; today, it’s a staple for over 7 billion people, accounting for more than 91% of the global population. Your college decision today will echo throughout your life, shaping your future in significant ways.

So, what’s the case for a liberal arts college?

Liberal arts education doesn’t confine you to a single discipline but instead offers an integrated curriculum. It covers humanities, arts, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. Instead of specializing in a narrow area like chemical engineering, a liberal arts program equips you with a set of varied skills like analytical thinking, problem-solving, and effective cross-disciplinary communication.

St. John's students in a small classroom setting
Students at St. John’s College enjoy small class sizes in a beautiful Santa Fe setting.

A Student-Centric Philosophy

In contrast to large universities, most liberal arts colleges prioritize undergraduate education over extensive research programs. Faculty members are more committed to mentoring and student development than they are to their own academic projects. Because of this, students receive a more personalized educational experience.

Classes are often smaller, allowing for more active participation. Instead of being a passive listener in a large lecture hall, students actively engage in discussions, gain multiple viewpoints, and add their own insights into collective knowledge.

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Building Community and Leadership

Liberal arts colleges typically have smaller student bodies, which fosters a sense of community. This is particularly beneficial during the first year, making it easier to form enduring friendships. Despite their smaller size, these colleges offer ample opportunities for leadership growth through a variety of campus activities and organizations.

St. John's students enjoying the outdoors in Santa Fe
Students enjoying the beautiful Santa Fe climate for a break from the classroom.

The Path to Graduate Studies

Liberal arts graduates often opt for further studies at a higher rate compared to their peers from other educational backgrounds. A well-rounded education prepares them exceptionally well for specialized graduate programs, offering a broader foundational base to build upon.

Why Employers Look for Liberal Arts Grads

It’s not uncommon for people to switch careers multiple times in their lives. The adaptability, flexibility, and wide-ranging skills acquired from a liberal arts education are precisely what most employers are seeking. They appreciate graduates who can work collaboratively, critically evaluate situations, and address complex issues — skills inherent in a liberal arts education. Numerous sectors seek candidates with these skill sets. The 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report listed communication, creativity, and critical thinking among the top 10 most sought-after soft skills.

Choosing a liberal arts college like St. John’s College can open up diverse avenues for your career, including internships that can lead to rewarding careers in various fields. Whether it’s in technology, public policy, social work, law, or any number of fields, the possibilities are abundant.

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