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Jake Harkness is no stranger to the restaurant business in Las Cruces, having owned and operated Jake’s Café for 16 years. When he closed the door of that café, many long-time customers feared they would never get another burger or sandwich from Jake again, but he filled the lunch and dinner gap with Voodoo Burgers which opened in September of 2022.

About Voodoo Burgers

Unlike the fast-food burger chains that proliferate in most urban areas, Voodoo Burgers provides a fresh take on burgers and sandwiches in Las Cruces. They hand-make the hamburger patties from meat that is delivered fresh every morning from a local butcher. Any burger, slider, chicken sandwich, or spicey bean sandwich that you order will be served on a bun made on-site, fresh every day. One reviewer noted that the buns are “soft like a cloud.”

Jake is the CEO and co-owner of Voodoo Burgers along with Ina Arellano, the COO and general manager. As Ina says, “Jake runs the kitchen and I run everything else.” Jake is usually found in the kitchen unless he is out in the restaurant area making sure customers are enjoying their meals.

Try their Voodoo Burger!
Try the Voodoo Burger!

Menu and Ambiance

Everything about Voodoo Burgers is personal and comfortable from the friendly service to the funky décor, and the delicious menu items. The service is prompt, but there’s no pressure to rush. Feel free to relax and enjoy your meal, visiting with friends and maybe sampling several items on the menu.

An island in the restaurant seating area holds pickles, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce so you can add those extras to your sandwiches.

The menu includes burgers, of course, served plain for you to dress as you like, or with their signature, spicy Voodoo Sauce. Along with burgers, they serve chicken sandwiches, chicken strips and fries, and French fries and tots served in a variety of ways, including some with cheese, Voodoo Sauce, or both cheese and Voodoo Sauce.

Bring your kids and treat them to a mini burger or share some sliders — burger or chicken — along with some tater tots, plain, with cheese, or spiced up with Voodoo Sauce. For a vegan option try the spicy black bean burger on their signature bun.

When asked about their favorite item on the menu, Jake and Ina both replied, “The Voodoo Burger!” This signature item comes with two beef patties, the spicy Voodoo Sauce, dressed how you like it, all served on their homemade bun.

Community Service

In addition to the service to their customers, Ina described how Voodoo Burgers gives back to the community. “We have done several ‘Giveback’ days with the Teke (TKƩ) Fraternity. We give them 20% of all sales for a specific day, the day of their choosing, and they promote the giveback day. We have done this type of philanthropic work with them for over a year now.”

Other ways they give back to the community include catering for the military and for New Mexico State University (NMSU) swim meets. Plus, they offer discounts for all service members, law enforcement, educators, and other school employees, and blue-collar workers.

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Voodoo Burgers stands out not just for its unique flavors but also for its commitment to quality and community engagement. Jake’s culinary and kitchen expertise, honed over years at Jake’s Café, shines through in every meal that comes out of the kitchen.

The partnership between Jake and Ina, from the carefully crafted menu to the attentive service, creates an environment where every customer feels valued. This dedication to quality and community has helped Voodoo Burgers quickly become a beloved part of the Las Cruces dining scene.

You can find Voodoo Burgers at 1001 E. University Ave. Suite D4 in Las Cruces, near the NMSU campus. Stop by for a great meal in a relaxed setting with owners who care about you and the greater community.

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Story by Julia Osgood

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