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The film industry is booming in New Mexico, and not just the northern half! As more and more movies are shot in the southern part of the state, the call for more film festivals is also growing. One of the smaller, but no less grandiose, is the Truth or Consequences Film Fiesta, taking place in October.

For three straight days the Film Fiesta offers movie-goers a full slate of cinematic entertainment, including screenings, panels, raffles, a movie warehouse auction, special guest appearances and after parties. Film fans will flock to the Truth or Consequences Film Fiesta, October 21 – 23, 2022.

Of course, the biggest draw for any film festival is star power.  Big names and recognizable faces put people in seats, so giving audiences the opportunity to meet the movie makers and their stars has unlimited appeal. Add to that surprise appearances by actors, directors and producers with some connection to New Mexico, and the opportunities are that much more enticing.

Some past special guests include Anthony Michael Hall, (Halloween Kills, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club), and Deep Roy (Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Star Trek Beyond, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen).  Directors who have made special appearances include Jerry Angelo – who is known for his contribution to the iconic series Warfighters – and Steve Maze, producer and director of shows like The Great Good Truck Race and award-winning documentary Caffeine and Gasoline.

Not only does the event highlight famous movies, actors, and directors, but the festival also has historical significance. This year marks the sixth year that the film fiesta has been hosted in Truth or Consequences. However, more history can be found in the event’s venue, the El Cortez Theater, built in 1943 and recently renovated. The El Cortez Theater is known for being one of the last theaters to show 35-millimeter films, only having one screen, and serving as an iconic landmark for Truth or Consequences.

Not only does the event offer multiple opportunities to learn about film and filmmaking, but patrons will also be able to take part in movie prop and memorabilia sales, specialty cocktails, and even karaoke. This annual three-day event gives patrons a space to appreciate films and a chance to explore Truth or Consequences.

For more information about the Truth or Consequences Film Fiesta, visit the Facebook page.

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