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Rion Grande Winery volunteers picking grapes at peak season.

Storytelling Through the Vine

When you read the story of wine in America, you may expect to first find California, Washington, or Oregon, but…
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La Mesilla Celebrates Cinco de Mayo

Celebrated in Mexico for more than 150 years, and La Mesilla for over 50 years, the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta…
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KTAL Las Cruces Community Radio Launches “Las Cruces Stories”

In honor of Black History Month, KTAL Radio will be broadcasting its first feature produced for the new series Las…
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Treasures of the Border Region Await You at NMSU Archives

Imagine a place where Clyde Tombaugh, Mark Medoff, Fabian Garcia, Josephine Armijo, Pat Garrett, Clara Bell Williams, Martín and Refugio…
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Ghost Towns of New Mexico

Throughout the 19th century, mining was a major industry in New Mexico, for silver, gold, lead, and other ores. There…
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bolo ties

Early Days of Bolo Ties | A Southwest Staple

While walking around the historic Mesilla Plaza you are sure to find a person or two wearing this timeless Southwest…
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Gold bars

Uncanny Mysteries of the Borderlands

‘Tis the season to be scary, and what better way to celebrate the creepies and crawlies going bump in the…
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Woman looking through binoculars Leasburg Dam State Park

New Mexico State Parks | Leasburg Dam State Park will Float your Boat

Leasburg Dam State Park celebrates the ingenuity and determination of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation engineers who constructed the state’s…
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An 1881 painting of depot and Armijo farm by Leon Troussett. Note line of trees along Water Street and St. Genevieve’s Church in background. Courtesy of Citizens Bank.

Las Cruces History | The City That Knew it Could

When the blaring horn wakes you at two in the morning, as the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe (BNSF) freight…
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