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a hand full of freshly picked grapes ready to be made into Rio Grande Winery Wine

New Mexico Wine Festival

Memorial Day weekend in southern New Mexico brings with it plenty of sunshine and abundant reasons to get out of…
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Talking Tamales with Edmundo Resendez

While they’re delicious any time of year, traditionally, tamales are a celebratory food, made for occasions like Christmas Eve, quinceñeras,…
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Burger, fries, and beer at Pecan Grill.

The Best Burgers in Las Cruces

It’s the classic icon of American cuisine. Whether you take it with cheese and all the trimmings or with just…
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Dessert and coffe at Le Rendez-vous

Las Cruces Restaurants | A World Tour

Have you been imagining yourself eating pastry in the hub of a cobblestone plaza? How about sampling a spicy noodle dish…
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Hit The Road | Local Food Trucks

As our spectacular New Mexico sun generously provides us with more hours of summer daylight, I think we can all…
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Exterior Chope's bar

Best Restaurants near Las Cruces | Chope’s

As anyone who’s been there can attest, a visit to Chope’s on Old Highway 28 will change your life — or at…
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Seed to Plate in 30 Days

We are entering my favorite gardening season. Temperatures are more bearable, rain arrives occasionally, the searing winds have settled, and…
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Top Notch Patios: Dining outdoors is a breath of fresh air

After a winter that can only be described as exhausting and uncertain amid a global pandemic working its way into…
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blueberry salad from Salud! de Mesilla

Spring Cuisine: Let’s Eat Fresh, Las Cruces!

Spring is the season in which nature finds renewal, colors become vibrant, the air carries the scent of blooming flowers,…
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