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From a young age, Turquoise TeePee boutique owner Stephany Trego has defined her unique sense of style and panache by altering and redesigning her clothes, jewelry, and accessories.

It wasn’t long before her chic, vibrant, yet classic wardrobe was in hot demand, first by friends, and eventually sought after by local boutiques. In 2008, she gave her word-of-mouth business a name, Designs That Glitter, with the mission of, “Bringing you one-of-a-kind items at an affordable price—Looking like a million bucks shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.” Last month, Stephany opened her first brick-and-mortar storefront, Turquoise TeePee, espousing a similar mission and her natural flair for what is “in vogue”.

Located near Old Mesilla, Turquoise TeePee’s wide-open space, suffused with bountiful natural light, draws the eye to trendy,Interior of Turquoise Teepee upscale clothing that decorates the walls, including stylish floor-length sweaters, fancy dresses, and jumpsuits. Display cases dot the room showcasing fine, locally-made jewelry elegantly presented on gold trays of dried légumes and branches. An alluring spectacle, the Turquoise TeePee features unique, colorful, eye-catching fashions that are also comfortable to wear.

Stephany is an industrious entrepreneur who insists on giving clients that extra-special touch. Unlike chain stores, she hand-selects each piece to be flattering, well-made, and trendy, as well as just a little bit different. Her store’s motto is: “For those who don’t mind being noticed.” She wears the clothes and accessories from her shop each day in order to show shoppers different ways the outfit can be styled. From the main garment to the smallest accent, she helps shoppers piece together items that fit their needs and their budget.

Gifts for the whole family

Turquoise TeePee also offers gifts for the whole family, like caps and clutches with special touches that no other shop in town offers. The walls are bedecked with artwork for sale, lighted and annotated like museum pieces, rotated regularly to keep the displays fresh, and to continually spotlight new local talent. Unique housewares are grouped, along with gift displays, making Turquoise TeePee as much a show place as a shop.

Need something for the man in your life? Turquoise TeePee sells New Mexico Roots T-shirts, dress shirts, wallets, manicure kits, barware, and a selection of uncommon greeting cards for all occasions. Children will be intrigued by the section of old-fashioned learning toys like mom and dad used to use. There is even a special section with various types and sizes of attractive journals and writing tools to foster a sharp mind.

Working with the community

Practically a one-woman operation, Stephany functions as buyer, store clerk, administration, photographer, and model. She partners with other vendors to host special private, community, and charity events. “I don’t sit still very well,” Stephany explains. “Once I get an idea in my head, there is no point in diverting my path. I never have the thought that it’s not possible.”

One such partnership is being called “inspired” by some. There is a pass-through door between Turquoise Teepee and next-door restaurant, Salud! de Mesilla — and customers from both companies are using it liberally. Salud’s Happy Hour guests can use their receipt as a coupon to receive a 10 percent discount at the shop. Or, if a couple is enjoying drinks at the bar, he can stay to watch the game while she shops for a bit. Later, they can use her receipt to receive a discount on dinner. Discounts may vary depending on the event. Stephany explains, “We are closed on Tuesdays, and are experimenting with extended hours on Friday and Saturday evenings in conjunction with Salud’s hours.”

NMSU grad

Stephany Trego in her storeStephany, named for the sweetness of Colorado-based Stephany’s Chocolates, is a Las Cruces native who earned both undergraduate and graduate degrees from New Mexico State University. Between her degree programs, she lent her artist’s eye to the visual aspects of Helping Hands Event Planning. After earning her master’s degree in communicative disorders (alongside her mother and best friend, Lisa Sullivan, who also earned the same degree), Stephany accepted a position at the Las Cruces skilled nursing facility, Reliant Rehab, where she loved her work as a speech-language pathologist.

All the while, the dream of owning her own boutique was forming in the back of her mind. When the ideal building became available, she decided to take the risk. It took a month and a day for Stephany, with the help of family members, to transform the space into a stylish boutique.

“It’s so exciting to get up and come to work every day,” Stephany muses. “I put in long days before working in event planning and speech-language pathology, but now I wake up and am hungry for more.” The only downside to her newest endeavor is, “not being able to make dinners,” she says as she laments her former dinnertime ritual. “Now we run home and pull something out of the crock pot and eat it at the shop. It’s a good trade-off for now. You really have to be hands-on and make the commitment.”

With Stephany’s big dream realized in Turquoise TeePee, it begs the question: What is she dreaming about now? “I would love for this to continue, and to grow sales on the website around the country.”

Stephany also dreams about sponsoring more Ladies’ Nights Out and other community events benefitting local charities, especially in conjunction with Salud. She intends to continue selling locally-made products to bolster the Las Cruces economy. She says, “My wish is for this shop to become the one stop a customer can make for gifts, jewelry, skin care, and items for the home.”

“ Bringing you one-of-a-kind items at an affordable price. Looking like a million bucks shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.”

Turquoise TeePee

1800 Avenida De Mesilla

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