PLIA Online Store: Exceptional Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts
Books from the PLIA online store

If you have a passion for outdoor adventures and natural landscapes (or you’re gift-hunting for someone who does), check out the Public Lands Interpretive Association’s online store.

Their physical store is located at 6501 Fourth Street NW Suite in Albuquerque. If you’re in the area, stop by to purchase gifts, maps, guidebooks, and more right on the spot. Unlike the nonprofit’s various other outlets, only the Albuquerque location carries the entire range of what’s available in the online store.

As holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to get presents for your friends and family while also supporting a valuable nonprofit endeavor!

The PLIA online store offers a wide range of pocket guides, like this one to the Backyard Birds of the Desert Southwest.
The PLIA online store offers a wide range of pocket guides, like this one to the Backyard Birds of the Desert Southwest.

What Can You Find in the Store?

Public Lands Interpretive Association (PLIA) has a broad range of maps covering public lands across the Western U.S., but their offerings don’t stop there. They have an expansive array of literature that includes guides on hiking, cycling, as well as flora and fauna identification, regional history, and even gold hunting in the desert.

You’ll also discover New Mexican recipe books for meal prep inspiration. These materials are accessible both on their website and at their physical store in Albuquerque.

Beyond books and maps, the store provides pocket-sized identification manuals for various outdoor discoveries — from bird and tree species to amphibians, reptiles, and mammals, as well as crucial first aid procedures. These pocket-sized guides are ideal for keeping in your bag or coat pocket during your explorations.

For aficionados who wish to flaunt their love for nature, PLIA stocks a range of clothing items like tees, caps, and scarves adorned with local animals. You’ll also find their coveted “Advice from a . . .” bookmark series, along with notecards, mugs, and an assortment of other novelties.

Kids are included too; the store features cuddly stuffed animals, age-appropriate books, and even a multifunctional 7-in-one adventure gadget designed for junior outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the wearable items that are available at the PLIA online store.
Some of the wearable items that are available at the PLIA online store.

Visit the Online Store or the Albuquerque Storefront

For the largest array of offerings, either visit the website or make your way to the Albuquerque branch of the Public Lands Interpretive Association, situated at 6501 Fourth Street NW, Suite I.

The nonprofit also manages retail spots in other locations, including the Smokey Bear Ranger District Office and the Santa Fe Bureau of Land Management office, although these venues feature a smaller selection. Notably, you’ll likely come across Public Lands Interpretive Association outlets in various visitor centers on public lands you may frequent.

Why Buy from PLIA?

Making a purchase at PLIA isn’t just about finding fun outdoor gifts; it directly furthers their mission to educate and connect people with public lands. Among their active endeavors are an instructional safety video series, a digital rebuild of Fort Craig located south of Socorro, as well as cost-free summer camps for middle-school girls and educational presentations targeted at middle school audiences. Your financial contribution underpins these activities and many more.

Read about PLIA’s El Malpais Community Arts Program here.

About the Public Lands Interpretive Association

Registered as a 501 c(3) non-profit, the Public Lands Interpretive Association focuses on enhancing the public’s connection to lands in Arizona and New Mexico through both educational programs and service projects.

In partnership with entities such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management, PLIA creates and distributes educational resources, assorted merchandise, and mapping solutions via visitor centers and agency offices. They also oversee camping facilities in the Kaibab National Forest and provide informational services at the Public Lands Info Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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