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Pecos Valley Production finds the Roswell lifestyle an ideal match for its store locations and growing facilities. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or a golfer at one of the town’s trio of excellent courses, PVP resonates with locals and the community at large. Though Roswell might commonly be linked with extraterrestrial phenomena and UFOs, the town of nearly 50,000 offers a broader lifestyle experience, featuring outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, golf, hunting, and much more.

“This is what makes it a unique community to engage with,” notes Clinton Greathouse, PVP’s chief of expansion and production. Moreover, the firm is rapidly establishing Roswell as a hub for top-tier legalized cannabis.


Apart from trying PVP’s cannabis products, what other adventures await you in Roswell, New Mexico? The city is nestled in the elevated Great Plains of southeastern New Mexico, nearly seven miles to the west of the Pecos River, and roughly 200 miles away from Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Outdoor area near RoswellFor those who love the outdoors, the Roswell lifestyle offers a variety of wonderful activities. Located 14 miles to the southeast is Bottomless Lakes State Park, distinguished by its green-blue waters, which owe their unique hue to underwater plants, giving the lakes an illusion of being “bottomless.” In reality, these are sinkholes with depths reaching up to 90 feet. It’s an ideal spot for kayaking, canoeing, camping, angling, picnicking, swimming, trail walking, cycling, bird-watching, and even SCUBA diving.

Another exceptional nature spot is Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge, which spans 24,563 acres. The area features a diverse landscape that includes grasslands, shrubbery, sand hills, low-lying brush, red cliffs, natural springs, and desert fauna. The refuge is also the venue for the yearly Dragonfly Festival every September.

Additionally, the city is only 75 miles from the mountains of Ruidoso.

If golf is more your style, the Nancy Lopez Golf Course at Spring River is a must-visit. The legendary golfer is a Goddard High School alumnus from Roswell and clinched the New Mexico Women’s Amateur title in 1969 at just 12 years old. She went on to claim the same title in 1970 and ’71 before embarking on a successful professional journey. Additional golfing choices are available at the Roswell Country Club and the New Mexico Military Institute Golf Course.Golf course showing Roswell lifestyle


For those with a penchant for shopping, one aspect of the Roswell lifestyle is the city center which features a range of unique boutiques and vintage stores. Additional must-visit venues encompass the Roswell Museum and Art Center, which showcases art focused on the American Southwest, as well as the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art, housing a variety of art pieces across its 12 galleries.

PVP has also expanded its footprint to a spot near the downtown area, providing convenient access for both locals and tourists. This location includes a drive-thru service and serves as a prime example of the upscale, professional cannabis dispensary that PVP aims to operate.

“We’ve always aimed to distance ourselves from the ‘pot shop’ stereotype,” says Clinton. “This negative perception people hold about cannabis is something we’re actively combating. That’s why our existing and new outlets are carefully designed to be aesthetically pleasing and inviting. We want to ensure that even those who’ve never visited a dispensary before will feel at ease.”

THE UFO CONNECTION – a big part of the Roswell Lifestyle

There’s much more to Roswell than meets the eye, and the city’s storied history of extraterrestrial intrigue adds an extra layer of allure. The notion that Roswell is a landing site for beings from another galaxy traces back to July 1947 when a supposed spacecraft reportedly crashed near the community, leading to alleged cover-ups by the federal authorities.

In 1994, the Air Force issued a statement saying the object was in fact a classified nuclear test-monitoring balloon. However, UFO enthusiasts have remained steadfast. This episode even gave birth to the TV series Roswell, aired on the WB and UPN networks, and now enjoys a large following on Netflix.

Roswell has wholly embraced its cosmic reputation, including its “little green men” and broader extraterrestrial theme as part of the unique Roswell lifestyle. Sightseers can explore the UFO Museum and Research Center, which delves into the event often referred to as the “Roswell Incident.” Additional attractions with a UFO focus include the UFO Spacewalk, the Spaceport VR experience, Area 52 Tactical Laser Tag, among others.

Each summer, the UFO Festival draws a global crowd of believers. The city even features a McDonald’s shaped like a flying saucer. PVP also joins in on the cosmic fun, incorporating the UFO theme into billboards and planning a mural for its downtown location.

“We aim to ensure visitors leave Roswell feeling gratified—perhaps even having acquired some cannabis in otherworldly company,” Clinton adds.


PVP isn’t just another business in Roswell; it’s an active member of the community. Despite having a network of 22 outlets across New Mexico, the focus remains on delivering a personalized, local experience. In Roswell, this dedication manifests in various forms, such as sponsoring 5K runs for charity, supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, organizing blood donation drives, and participating in breast cancer awareness campaigns.

Clinton envisions these initiatives as a way to underline that PVP is about more than just revenue generation. The aim is to continually contribute to the local communities where they operate, and this involves hiring locally too. The ethos comes from the top.

“In essence, it’s about looking after your own community,” Clinton notes. “We maintain a ‘local-first’ mindset, which started right here in Roswell and extends to Chaves County. Whenever we expand into a new region, our priority is to actively participate in community service, particularly the philanthropic activities that we sponsor throughout the state. It’s a significant aspect of our operations.

“The roots of this community-centric approach can be traced back to our father, Gerry,” Clinton adds. “His emphasis was always on community welfare, and we’re fully committed to perpetuating that legacy by doing what we can on an organizational level.”

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