New Mexico Wine Festival -
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Memorial Day weekend in southern New Mexico brings with it plenty of sunshine and abundant reasons to get out of the house. One eagerly anticipated reason is the New Mexico Wine Festival in Las Cruces, featuring tasting booths by New Mexico’s best wineries, along with exceptional food trucks, talented artisans, and award-winning musicians. The New Mexico Wine Festival takes place at the Southern New Mexico Fairgrounds, May 25 – 27, 2023.

Hosted by the New Mexico Wine Growers Association, the New Mexico Wine Festival is a treat for both the palate and the ears. Locals and visitors alike take this opportunity to sample a wide selection of red, white and sparkling wines, ranging from soft and sweet to bold and dry. Strolling the grounds with wine in hand, they peruse the wares of artists, jewelers, potters, and packaged food vendors, while listening to regional and national bands rock the mainstage. There are also educational sessions that teach all about the intricacies of wine pairing.

The history of wine in New Mexico is surprising to many, in that they were the first to be planted in the “new world.” It’s true! It all started in 1629, when the very first grapes – smuggled from Spain by monks to produce wines for ceremony and sacrament – were planted along the banks of the Rio Grande. From these simple beginnings, American viticulture was born.

What began as a sacred tradition eventually grew into a thriving industry, and by the late 1800’s New Mexico was producing over a million gallons of wine annually. New Mexico’s modern day wine industry continues to evolve from traditional European roots, with over 50 wineries and tasting rooms throughout the state.

These days, it isn’t just the grapes of Spain that influence New Mexico’s contemporary wines. Those with a palate for such things swear they can taste the traditions of France, Italy, Germany and Center America in each sip. If you haven’t already, find out for yourself what this uniquely independent Southwestern wine culture is all about. Your palate will thank you.

The New Mexico Wine Festival in Las Cruces brings the excitement of harvest across New Mexico to this three day event. For more information, visit the website, or all 575-649-8994.

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