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If you’re venturing into the world of legal cannabis for the first time, you might wonder what awaits you. Pecos Valley Production (PVP), with its headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico, is a frontrunner in the field with its extensive network of 22 shops scattered across the state.

Set to employ 400 individuals across its cultivation and retail spaces, PVP has earned its stripes as one of the Southwest’s most reputable cannabis growers and distributors. The company aims to boost its retail locations to 30 by the close of the calendar year.

Step into a PVP store and you’re greeted by a warm ambiance, top-tier products, and a cordial team ready to walk you through their wide selection. And what’s the upside of buying from a company that also manages its own cultivation? Consistency in product quality that customers can rely on.

As Clinton Greathouse, the overseer of PVP’s growth and manufacturing, remarks, “We have an intimate understanding of our cultivation methods, enabling us to deliver a consistent experience from the initial seed stage right through to the final sale, assuring customers of the product they’re investing in.”


The Greathouses take pride in being a locally-established, New Mexico-based family enterprise. They also recognize the unique advantages that Roswell, situated in southeastern New Mexico’s Pecos Valley, offers for cannabis cultivation.

Raised in Roswell, Clinton, Kyle, and Jason Greathouse find it deeply fulfilling to continue their family’s agricultural legacy in their hometown. With an annual average of 281 days of sunshine, Roswell outshines nearly every other New Mexico city, which is advantageous for the company’s greenhouse and open-air farming.

PVP outdoor cultivation facilityThe family’s expansive 140-acre property allows for continued scaling of the venture, especially as consumer demand grows and as additional retail outlets are launched. But like all farming activities, the business isn’t without its risks.

Weather events and unexpected occurrences can disrupt cultivation. According to the National Weather Service, eastern New Mexico witnesses 75% of the state’s severe storms and tornadoes, predominantly between April and July.

Indoor cultivation offers a strategic advantage in this regard. As Clinton Greathouse observes, “The good news is that we’ve expanded our indoor facilities to give us some cushion if adverse weather hits. While we’ll maintain some outdoor cultivation, we’re leaning more towards adding another greenhouse space. This approach will give us better control over the entire growing environment.”


PVP’s journey from humble beginnings to being a significant cannabis producer is notable. They obtained a cannabis cultivation license in 2015 and initially operated from a trailer house on-site. Since then, the company has experienced considerable growth, adding a modern 40,000-square foot greenhouse to their existing 15,000-square foot facility.

The Roswell property is also equipped with multiple indoor growing chambers, along with an outdoor facility that boasts 1,500 plants cultivated over two acres in the rich Pecos River Valley soil. Cannabis farming is more complex than merely sowing seeds and watering them. A separate space serves as a nursery for younger plants, which are later transplanted to larger containers during the vegetative stage before being moved to flowering greenhouses.PVP indoor cultivation facility

Clinton also mentions the potential for plant hybridization to create different strains that can address various medical issues. Harvesting is an ongoing activity since plants mature at different rates.

Post-harvest, the product undergoes a drying and curing process for seven to 10 days, depending on the specific strain, and then gets trimmed. Oil extractions for various products are also an option.

Clinton emphasizes the company’s commitment to quality: “We’re particularly attentive to these details because we aim to offer top-notch products to our patients. At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is paramount. If we can’t meet their expectations, they won’t return.”

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Following harvest, other areas on the farm handle tasks like packaging and labeling before the products are dispatched to PVP’s dispensaries. The company has had its fair share of trials and errors but has successfully optimized its operations over the years. “We’ve experimented with different approaches and ideas,” Clinton adds. “This has given us the insights we needed to refine our processes and has been pivotal for our growth and expansion over the past six years.”

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