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Miguel's on Mesquite- Local Las Cruces Restaurant

Ruben Vasquez, who also owns Zeffiro’s Pizzeria in downtown Las Cruces, recently opened Miguel’s on Mesquite, a bar and grill that features live music and a wide selection of craft cocktails and menu items.


Ruben initially thought about opening a bar, but as he talked about it with his friend, Brandy Weir, his initial idea morphed into a bar and grill with live entertainment. He aims to give the 21-plus crowd in Las Cruces a place to relax and listen to live music while enjoying beer, wine, or cocktails. He said that in the past, he and friends would head to El Paso for an evening out, but having managed a bar in Mesilla, Ruben wanted to bring his experience and enthusiasm for this kind of establishment to our community. 


As it turns out, Ruben’s mother had a little restaurant, so he has that experience in his background. He also managed a local bar in Mesilla for several years. But Ruben says his work ethic comes from his father, who put in long hours to care for his family. Ruben honored his father by naming the new local restaurant — Miguel’s on Mesquite —  after him. So, the effort that goes into creating and running a restaurant is a family tradition. If you look carefully at the logo you’ll see his father’s initials are incorporated into it. 


Miguel’s on Mesquite is located in the historic Mesquite neighborhood in Las Cruces. Along the way to the restaurant, you’ll pass galleries, coffee shops, and a couple of Mexican restaurants. It’s in this setting that you’ll find the stone building that houses Miguel’s on Mesquite. When you step inside, a long polished wood bar lines one side of the room with more seating at tables in the dining area. The outside covered patio features another long bar, decorated with exotic looking tiles and more tables where customers can gather to listen to music and enjoy drinks and delicious food. The meticulous attention to detail contributes to an environment where you can unwind for an unforgettable time with friends.

Succulent Shrimp and Salad and live music at Miguel's on Mesquite

Ruben’s friend, Brandy, designed the menu at Miguel’s on Mesquite, while his head chef, Matthew McCullough, prepares the food. The focus is on creating a comfortable lounge with live music, craft cocktails, and food to round out the experience. But the food is hardly an afterthought. Along with the seasonal cocktail menu, you’ll find appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts. There are plenty of spicy options like the buttery biscuits served at brunch with sausage gravy made with red or green chile (the ever present New Mexico question). But you can also find pancakes on the same brunch menu. Evening offerings are even more diverse with beef, chicken, and shrimp items available to order. There are even a few vegan options to sample.


The music is diverse as well. During the week you can expect jazz in an intimate setting, but on the weekends local or El Paso bands and solo performers entertain customers with music including rock, blues, soulful vocals, and other genres of popular music. The music is not too loud, not too mellow, but just right for an evening out with friends. Reservations are encouraged on the weekends and, keep in mind, it’s a 21+ establishment. 


Miguel’s On Mesquite not only delivers top-notch food, drinks, and entertainment, they also take great pride in their outstanding service. The team is friendly, observant, and always on hand to offer suggestions or address any inquiries you might have. Miguel’s on Mesquite is a great place for an evening out with friends or a weekend spot for brunch. 


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Miguel's on Mesquite- Live music and eats in Las Cruces NM

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