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LAs Cruces Sunset

There’s no better place to see a dramatic sunset than the Southwest as its vast desert landscapes become a canvas for gorgeous views as the sun nears the horizon. This is especially true for cities along the Rocky Mountains like Las Cruces because the hilly terrain means there are plenty of spots with a perfect view. Here are some of the best places to view the sunset around town.

1. Las Cruces Dam Trail Parking

This public space allows people to walk an easy trail that lies high above most of the city, giving a great view of the sunset to the west and Las Cruces. It’s conveniently located off East Lohman behind the Albertsons. The parking lot at the entrance has a nice view itself, allowing people to stay in their cars and listen to music while enjoying the view.

2. La Llorona Park

3440 W. Picacho Ave.

The views at La Llorona Park are vast as it lies near the edge of the city, so there isn’t much that interrupts the natural landscape when watching the sunset. It’s especially scenic during the summer while there is water in the Rio Grande as the light from the low sun bounces brilliantly off the flowing river.

sunset in las cruces
Photo by Toby DeVoss

3. Tortugas Mountain

For those who like to hike, Tortugas Mountain and its Tortugas Mountain Trail are a must. It’s one of the highest elevation points in the city and is located only a few minutes away from I-25.

The trail is a five-mile loop that’s considered moderately challenging and takes approximately three hours to complete. However, it’s the areas near the start of the trail on the west side of the mountain where you want to be for the sunset. It offers an expansive view of the mountain and Las Cruces below.

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4. Sonoma Ranch Boulevard and Dripping Springs Road Parking Lot

Located at Tortugas Mountain, this parking lot offers a similarly beautiful view as the Tortugas Mountain Trail without having to hike or drive off-road to see it. It has a high capacity, making it ideal for watching sunsets together with friends and family.

5. Abraham’s Restaurant

506 S. Main St. #434

This classic American style restaurant has the unique distinction of being located on the fourth floor of the Electronic Caregiver Building. Because of this, Abraham’s has one of the best views you can get in Las Cruces while eating a fresh meal. The tables along the west windows are prime real estate for late afternoon dining but the tables facing east also have a nice view of the Organ Mountains.

6. Mesilla Valley Mall

700 S. Telshor Blvd.

When you’re shopping at Mesilla Valley Mall, you have a good chance of catching a great sunset because of the mall’s high elevation. It’s higher than I-25 and the rest of the city to the west, making for a great view from the parking lot on the west side of the mall.

Photo by Chas Miller

7. Doña Ana Trailhead

County Road D053

Countless picturesque sunsets have been seen from Doña Ana Trailhead and the residential streets nearby on Desert Wind Way and Rincon de Amigos. Being north of Las Cruces and away from its urban areas means the trails feel like an escape into nature. This is especially true during sunset as the vibrant orange and blue hues paint the sky beautifully.

8. Desert Trails Community Park

3492 Sonora Springs

Desert Trails lives up to its name as it has multiple winding trails that bend and intertwine with one another. It’s a nature sanctuary located within the Sonoma Ranch suburbs with easy access and easy trails. Because of this, the sunsets here are always worthwhile and often scenic.

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Written by Javier Gallegos for • Top image photographed by Jan Preston Archey


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