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The Mesilla Valley has many wonderful experiences to enjoy, and opportunities to explore our gorgeous natural surroundings draw many to the area. Whether you are visiting for a short trip, new to the area, or have lived in the valley your whole life, take the time to check these hiking and biking trails off your list. There are places to hike, bike, and camp for all levels of adventurers! Here are a few that may intrigue you.


The defining landscape of our community is this majestic mountain range with its steep and rocky peaks. The dramatic needles of the Organ Mountains are great for advanced hikers and rock climbers. Mountain bikers love the Organ Mountains because of the challenging elevations and terrain. Every peak has its own name and degree of difficulty, like the Organ Needle or the barren granite Sugarloaf Peak.


Both of these sites have beautiful hiking trails that can accommodate novice to advanced hikers. Aguirre Spring offers some more challenging trails and a campground, while Dripping Springs is fine for the day-tripper. Both sites are a wonderful way to spend a day enjoying the great outdoors, and if you happen to go after it rains, you might be rewarded with some waterfalls.


Tortugas Mountain, also called A Mountain, stands just past the university campus. There are many hiking and mountain biking trails over and around Tortugas with varying levels of difficulty. This spot is great for those who don’t have a lot of time but want a workout in nature.


The Soledad Canyon trail is just under 3.5 miles long and doesn’t take much more than two hours to hike the entire loop if you go at a decent pace. At the end of the trail, you might get lucky and find a natural waterfall that in wintertime can have icicles instead of flowing water. Leashed pets are welcome. This trail is perfect for the family to enjoy.


This little hidden gem, also known as the Slot Canyon of Leasburg, is a fun hike and picnic spot for the family. Located in the Robledo Mountains, this canyon is described by some as caves without tops. The walk through the canyons will grab and hold the attention of even the least enthusiastic of hikers.


These mountains in Doña Ana are regarded as some of the best terrain for mountain biking and are challenging for even the most advanced riders. The peaks and valleys are not as dramatic as those of the Organs but provide longer, more endurance-style biking runs.



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