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Katie Boland standing behind the camera in a pink floral dress directing her new movies

We’re All in This Together is a film starring Katie Boland that deals with the themes of trauma, mental illness, and unexpected redemption. It focuses on the Parker family. When Kate Parker, the matriarch, miraculously survives plummeting over a waterfall in a barrel — which is caught on video and goes viral — suddenly this highly dysfunctional family must act like a real family.

Katie Boland not only stars as twins in the film, but she wrote and directed the project. Katie began her career as a creator with Long Story, Short, a 10-episode web series that premiered on Hulu. Her directorial debut was with the short film Lolz-Ita which premiered in North America at the Austin Film Festival and was nominated for Best Narrative Short. Katie has more than 85 credits to her name, and she has earned multiple awards for her work in film.

The inspiration for We’re All in This Together came from the novel that was sent to Katie by her literary agent. She had been looking for a novel that spoke to her personally that she could adapt into a film and star in, but she had no idea that it would turn out to be THIS personal — since Katie knows all too well what it is like to go viral.

“I wanted to create something that helped me understand myself, my family, and why I was so willing to hide in the past. I believe We’re All in This Together can be a mirror that might help you understand those things too,” says Katie. The film is full of passion and emotion.

You can see We’re All in This Together Saturday, March 5, at 11 a.m. at the Las Cruces International Film Festival in Theater C at Allen Theaters Cineport 10 (700 South Telshor Blvd.) Day pass tickets are $25 and passes for the entire five days are $75. For more information visit the Las Cruces International Film Festival website.

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