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A jewel in the Southwest, the colorful city of Las Cruces lies in the heart of the Mesilla Valley, backdropped by the stunning Organ Mountains. Las Cruces offers a variety of residential architectural styles, from historic pueblo adobes to modern contemporary takes on southwestern Spanish colonials. 

No matter the style of home and garden you have chosen, your interior home decor and furniture reflect your personality. Are you drawn to the sleek lines of modern design, or do you prefer the warm embrace of overstuffed sofas? We asked Ashley Furniture – Las Cruces for insight on buying furniture to enhance your living space and resonate with your lifestyle. Ashley features quality furniture at an unbeatable price and has grown to become one of the largest home furniture manufacturing companies in the world. Ashley Las Cruces has been locally owned by the Bowman family for over 50 years.

A living room serves as the core of your home. A well-designed and decorated living room makes your home inviting for friends and family. How can you choose quality furniture to reflect your personality? Sometimes, it is not just about the piece, but about its placement.

Define Your Space with Strategic Placement

To create a living room that is both stylish and functional, start by choosing a focal point — perhaps a fireplace mantel or a large window. Arrange your furniture to complement this focal point. 

Do not push furniture against the walls. Create open walkway spaces, enhancing the room’s visual flow. It makes the living room more inviting, ensuring your living space feels open yet intimate.

Optimize Layout for Conversation and Comfort

The layout of your living room should foster interaction and relaxation. Create conversation areas with Ashley’s plush sofas and accent chairs, encouraging dialogue without sacrificing comfort.

Balance and proportion are key; distribute your furniture evenly to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. Consider the traffic flow to keep your spaces accessible, using the right-size rugs to define zones without overcrowding.

Enhance Functionality and Style

Utilize multifunctional furniture like a large coffee table or pieces with built-in storage to maximize the utility and elegance of your living space. Choose stylish options that double as functional solutions, like coffee tables with ample storage and chic, large sofas that anchor the room.

For maximum comfort and relaxation, don’t forget to ensure every chair, couch, or divan has a table within arm’s reach. Additionally, lighting is crucial; strategically place lighting to enhance the ambiance and functionality of each area. Let there be light!

Elevate Your Decor with Thoughtful Accents

Accessories are the finishing touches that can truly transform a room. Choose large-scale artwork that complements the scale of your furniture, and consider the impact of color and pattern. Infuse your space with bold fixtures, textured fabrics, and unique accents that reflect your style. A collected, curated look speaks volumes about your taste.

Innovate with Design Trends

Embrace current interior design trends to keep your space modern and dynamic. From minimalist elegance to bold, moody hues and dynamic patterns, you have many options to incorporate these trends into your home. 

Consider painting your walls in rich colors like mustard yellow or adding striped ceilings to create depth and interest. Mix in vintage and modern elements or go for a bold two-tone wall to inject personality into your living space. You might also explore floor treatments, whether it be stained concrete, restored historic wooden planks, or hammered copper tiles.

Transform Your Living Room

Choosing the right furniture is crucial for making your piece of Las Cruces real estate a home. Through strategic placement, thoughtful accessorizing, and embracing new trends, your furniture choices can dramatically enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your living space.

Visit Ashley Furniture Homestore Las Cruces for more inspiring home decor ideas and discover how Ashley can help transform your living room into a stunning expression of your style. Ashley provides the quality, durability, and style you need to create a beautiful, functional living environment. Let your furniture tell your story and enhance your home with beauty, comfort, and character.



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