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Rye Whiskey produced by Dry Point Distillers

There’s a new Sunday brunch spot in Mesilla that will ignite your tastebuds and transport you to a New Mexican oasis. Dry Point Distillers has added Sunday brunch to their weekly schedule! From delicious food items created by Chef G, owner of Stone Crow Gourmet, to build-your-own mimosa and Bloody Mary trays, there is a ton of brunch fun to be had. You can enjoy all they have to offer every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Dry Point Today: From a wholesale distillery to a lively location

At its genesis, Dry Point Distillers was a local micro-distillery that focused on wholesale. From there it developed into a tasting room with the occasional food truck out in the parking lot.

After being successfully open for a year and a half, owner Chris Schaefer decided to graduate from their micro-distillery title by expanding their space to allow for more guests. They added a second bar, a stage, and a kitchen. Dinner is on the menu Thursday through Saturday nights.

At Dry Point, you can enjoy live music, paint and sips, trivia, paired dinners, and of course their classic locally distilled spirits and one-of-a-kind, handcrafted cocktails in a laid-back Southwest environment. Toast with cream cheese and salmon at Dry Point Distillers.

The kitchen area is currently home to Stone Crow Gourmet where Chef G works his magic in creating works of art “for people to indulge in and experience.” He has been focusing on perfecting his culinary creations for five years in other restaurants and recently took the step to open his own space at Dry Point.

“It was just my time to do this on my own and that’s bringing joy and happiness to my customers and loved ones with my cuisine,” said Chef G.

You can experience his heavenly French toast every Sunday during brunch hours. Don’t forget to add some crispy bacon on the side!

Dry Point Distillers History

Dry Point started as a shared hobby between Chris Schaefer, owner and operator of Dry Point Distillers, and his father, Stefan Schaefer. They first brewed beer, but their interest quickly grew to liquor when Stefan bought a small still that allowed them to begin experimenting with their favorite spirit at the time, whiskey.

“Then we started trying to distill just any ol’ thing,” says Chris. “We tried fruits, red chile, and I would even go out to the desert for prickly pear and honey mesquite. Anything that I tasted and thought ‘That has a good flavor.’ Then we would ferment it and try to make something out of it. So that is when we really got into distillation and fermenting local items.”

Chris is the mastermind behind the operation and the one in charge of distilling Dry Point’s Mesa Vodka, Monsoon Gin, Dry Spell Bourbon Whiskey, and Los Pasos Brandy. Some of his newest creations include Blue Corn Bourbon Whiskey, Barrel Aged Gin, and Slow Desert Agave Spirit. Chris is always on the hunt to bring unique spirits to the Mesilla Valley.

This family-owned business is not only dedicated to utilizing local produce to create handmade spirits for the community to enjoy but also to support other local businesses and strengthen the Las Cruces community. Chris gets most of his ingredients from FARMesilla, Calhoun Flower farms, Toucan Market, and Southwest Heritage Mills.

“We have a ton of pride in Las Cruces. My whole mindset and culture identity come from this region . . . and, of course, when you have a lot of pride in where you’re from, you want to use stuff that is as close as possible,” says Chris.

He continues, “Another important thing is that it gives you a lot of local flavors. Our red chile is the best in the world, so we use chile from Hatch and the Mesilla Valley, not from upstate New Mexico or Colorado. That is our specific local flavor, and the same thing goes for our prickly pears and pomegranates. Everything has its own local flavor and that is what we are interested in.”

If an ingredient cannot be locally sourced, such as citrus fruit and barley, he will find the closest place as possible to Las Cruces to help preserve the specific local flavor.

New Mexico State University Collaboration

Dry Point Distillers is one of the local businesses working with New Mexico State University to support the athletics program.

The NMSU athletic department works with its exclusive licensing agent, Collegiate Licensing Company/Learfield Licensing Partner (CLC), which licenses all NMSU products, such as caps, jerseys, housewares, tailgate items, and a growing line of branded food and drink products. CLC receives 12 percent of a licensed item’s wholesale price and each quarter NMSU gets a cut of that amount, depending on the individual contract, which goes directly to supporting NMSU Aggie student-athletes.

Dry Point’s Six-Shooter Rye Whiskey was the nation’s first collegiate branded spirit. Read more about the program here.


Row of Dry Point Distillers Six Shooter Rye Whiskey

A touch of local art at Dry Point Distillers

Another local touch Dry Point showcases is the artwork of two Las Cruces locals, Jamila Gilbert and Bree Lamb. Jamila is the creator of Dry Point’s individual bottle labels.

“I had seen her work over the years and knew she would do a great job bringing my labels to life. I knew I wanted to portray desert life, plants, animals, insects . . . and with some collaboration, she cranked out some great pieces for me,” says Chris.

When it came to Dry Point’s logo, Chris turned to his girlfriend, Bree, who designed the logo, labels, website, ads, and helped with bar design. Their Southwest pride is even extended through their décor of live succulents, various animal skull mounts, and even Southwest-themed cocktail names.

If you are looking for a quaint spot to enjoy a night of trivia, live music, or just spending time with loved ones, or a new brunch spot to add a twist to your Sunday mornings, Dry Point Distillery should be your next stop!

Dry Point Distillers is located at 1680 Calle de Alvarez, Suite C2.

Story by Olivia Belcher

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