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Pondering a destination wedding? Santa Fe, New Mexico, could be the answer to your quest. You want your wedding day to be memorable and picking just the right place is a big decision. We’ve got some information to help you determine if Santa Fe is the right place for your destination wedding, with tips from the team at Santa Fe’s premier venue, The Sunset Terrace.

For those in Southern New Mexico, Santa Fe is both close enough and just far enough away to make it the perfect wedding getaway destination that won’t break the bank or make travel too difficult for friends and family. Let’s find out why it may be just the place for your special day.

Santa Fe’s Legacy and Culture

Santa Fe is a capital city with a centuries-old multicultural history that is part of everything you find here, from the buildings around you to the delicious food and drinks you’ll enjoy. Wandering through the Santa Fe Plaza and its neighboring streets reveals a kaleidoscope of boutique eateries, art galleries, heritage museums, and artisan stores. Take a moment in the plaza to soak in centuries of stories.

Consistent sunny days characterize Santa Fe, offering a spectrum from crystalline winters to sun-soaked summers. Northern New Mexico is famous for the quality of light and brilliant blue skies that can be found here at any time of year, so chances are any day you pick for your wedding, the weather will be stunning.

getting to SANTA FE

The journey should be as delightful as the destination. Thankfully, Santa Fe’s regional airport facilitates this with daily connections to cities like Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix. Furthermore, with Albuquerque a short drive away, many opt to land there, utilizing a rental or the popular Rail Runner Express to reach Santa Fe. Of course, if you’re driving up from Las Cruces, it’s a straight shot up Interstate 25!


The Sunset Terrace at sunset, the perfect location for a destination wedding.
The Sunset Terrace in Santa Fe at sunset is a beautiful setting for a destination wedding.

DECIDING ON YOUR destination wedding venue

Santa Fe unfurls a tapestry of venue options. Do you favor traditional elegance or relaxed charm? Indoor, alfresco, or a blend? Time-honored or avant-garde? In-house catering or outsourced? Need guest lodging on-site? Choices abound in Santa Fe.

One notable mention is The Sunset Terrace. Nestled in Santa Fe’s heart, it offers panoramic plaza vistas and versatile event spaces. Their culinary prowess, honed through their association with the famed Coyote Café and Santacafé, ensures gastronomic delight. And its centrality means lodgings are just footsteps away.

As Quinn Stephenson of The Sunset Terrace puts it, “People travel all over the world to merely visit Santa Fe, so if you have an opportunity to get married in this majestic place, you and your loved ones will cherish that memory forever!”


Finances are pivotal for the couple and attendees alike. Brides magazine pegs destination weddings around a base of $35,000. Yet, a Santa Fe soiree may offer more value, especially when compared to remote tropical venues.

Savvy timing, like early spring or late autumn, can skip the busy Santa Fe tourist peaks and save on accommodations. Rates, averaging up to $300 nightly, can fluctuate based on proximity to the plaza.


Visit for more ideas on activities, businesses, and things to do in the City Different. Lengthen your stay to delve deeper into its offerings, be it ancestral pueblos, landmark edifices, curated museums, boutique shopping, epicurean adventures, or culinary classes. Embrace nature or toast to sunsets from a rooftop vista.

In summation, why Santa Fe? Its mesmerizing climes, the luminosity that beckons artists, its tapestried past, diverse culture, eclectic venues, gourmet feasts, value-driven offerings, and the allure of saying “I do” in such a storied locale.

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