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When the Greathouse dairy farm shuttered in 2014, Clinton Greathouse consulted his dad, Gerry, on the future of their 140-acre property in Roswell, New Mexico.

Unwilling to part with their water rights or sell the land, the family saw a new avenue when New Mexico began accepting applications for medical cannabis cultivation in 2015.

This looked like a promising way to maintain their roots in agriculture and also offer an exceptional cannabis buying experience.

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While his brothers, Kyle and Jason, were engaged in the oil industry, Clinton and Gerry navigated the licensing process. A few months later, they received the required permissions, and thus Pecos Valley Production (PVP) emerged.

By April 2016, PVP had diversified by launching its first retail outlet situated in Roswell, marking a smooth transition for the Greathouses into the legal cannabis sector.

“The dairy business had been our family’s livelihood for 37 years,” notes Clinton, who is in charge of production and expansion.

“Many of our current employees are former dairy farm workers. All told, we have around 90 years’ worth of dedicated staff.”

This legacy of loyalty is something the family cherishes and aims to extend to their clientele.

Both newcomers and locals visiting the Roswell store, or any of PVP’s outlets, will discover a hospitable atmosphere and a satisfying buying experience, regardless of whether they’re there for recreational or medicinal purposes.

“We’re actually in the process of evolving some of our locations into a ‘cannabis meets coffee’ concept,” reveals Kyle Greathouse, head of retail operations.

“The goal is to shape a space where folks can not only pick up their medication but also linger, access free Wi-Fi, enjoy a cup of coffee, and genuinely want to spend time there.”

OPTIMIZING THE Customer Buying Experience

When New Mexico gave the green light to recreational marijuana use in 2021, the Greathouse family was prepared.

Their business has since seen a notable expansion, catering to residents in cities across New Mexico like Albuquerque, Alamogordo, and Las Cruces, among others.

So, what can visitors expect at these outlets — besides customer service and a great buying experience?Pecos Valley Production inside a dispensary

“It centers around customer education and service,” Clinton explains.

“We strive to give our patrons an extensive range of choices and solid information about what they’re getting into with cannabis. Many don’t realize the various medicinal benefits that different types of cannabis can offer.”

PVP’s team of 200 is committed to assisting a broad clientele — be it cannabis experts or complete novices.

The stores themselves are clean, well-maintained, and professional, allowing PVP to distinguish itself from other industry players.

However, the commitment to an exceptional customer buying experience doesn’t stop at face-to-face sales. The strategies for customer engagement are multifaceted and on par with other retail industries.

“Running a retail business encompasses a lot of peripheral aspects like marketing, e-commerce, and in-store promotions,” states Kyle, the head of retail operations, who brings a sales expertise to the table.

“My day-to-day role involves ensuring that our retail spots operate smoothly based on the rhythm we’ve established for success.”

Pecos Valley Production Customer at counterClinton emphasizes that many newcomers to legalized cannabis are sometimes fixated on the idea that contemporary strains are high in THC.

He contends that clients have a wealth of options, as PVP places a considerable emphasis on the various health advantages of their products, aiming to enrich the customer’s overall buying experience.

“It’s not solely about high THC levels,” Clinton points out.

“The cannabis plant is complex, offering a range of terpenes, cannabinoids, and yes, THC, that can be beneficial,” says Clinton.

“We’ve been attuned to this variety since the outset. And it’s critical to educate a newbie right from their first visit; otherwise, you risk losing their interest.”


For those unfamiliar with the legalization landscape for cannabis, here’s a concise rundown:

New Mexico joined the list as the 12th state to approve medical cannabis back in 2007. This legislation permitted the treatment of a variety of medical conditions, like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and epilepsy.

In 2019, the state broadened this law, offering added safeguards such as protection against loss of child custody and employment discrimination for medical cannabis users.

Additionally, medical cannabis cards could now be renewed triennially, rather than annually, and authorized consumption at licensed dispensaries.

Recreational use got the green light in 2021, under the following terms:

  • Beginning June 29, 2021, adults 21 years old and above can legally possess cannabis for individual use. While there’s no cap for possession at home, a two-ounce limit applies when away from home.
  • Home cultivation of up to six mature and six immature plants is permissible per individual, with a household limit of 12 mature plants.
  • Consumer sales kicked off on April 1, 2022, subjected to a 12% excise tax, in addition to the regular sales tax. This excise tax is set to rise by 1% each year, capping at 18% by 2030.
  • No restrictions exist on the issuance of retail licenses. Local municipalities have the authority to regulate dispensary numbers and locations, but outright bans are not allowed.
  • Public cannabis consumption remains prohibited, although dispensaries can provide areas for on-site use if they comply with existing regulations.

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