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The Artist Gallery was created by five artist members of the Carlsbad Area Art Association (CAAA). They worked together to establish the gallery as a place for promoting the arts and selling the works of artists in the Carlsbad area. Originally, the gallery opened in a small room of the Women’s Club building 40 years ago and began its operations under the umbrella of the Carlsbad Area Art Association. Interest grew and the gallery relocated several times before settling into its permanent home. In the year 2000, with the help of many art patrons and local businesses, CAAA purchased the building at 120 South Canyon Street in the heart of the historic district of Carlsbad. 

the artist gallery

A unique aspect of The Artist Gallery is that it is a co-op gallery, which means that its entirely operated by the members: administered, staffed, promoted and cleaned by its members. The fact that it has been in business for 40 years puts it in the top longevity category among co-op galleries nationwide. The Artist Gallery is in business to encourage artistic expression, promote the state of the arts in the Carlsbad area and sell the works of its members. The gallery members are dedicated to educating and assisting potential clients about their own and their fellow artists’ works of art. Diversity is an important aspect of media available at the gallery. Works include oil painting, watercolor and acrylic painting, pottery, textiles, eggery, glass, jewelry, metal works, gourd paintings and photography.