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Meet Mesilla Valley Pharmacy & Consulting

Pharmacies are often seen as a necessary evil. It can be hard to find a good pharmacy and even harder to find a pharmacy team you can trust. With the hassle of calling around to doctor’s offices, chasing prescriptions, and then having to wait hours to get your medication, it makes sense that so many people have given up on enjoying retail pharmacy. 

MVP is Here to Change That

Mesilla Valley Pharmacy is the place to go for a better pharmacy experience! Their convenient location in the heart of Downtown Las Cruces, combined with award-winning customer service, makes them the perfect choice for all of your pharmacy needs. 

Say Goodbye to Long Waits and Never-Ending Lines

With shorter wait time and more personalized service, MVP is different. Their commitment to providing the best possible pharmacy experience to their customers is why they were awarded the Mesilla Valley’s Best Pharmacy of 2022.

They specialize in helping the community. Whether you need immunizations for the children, medication delivery for mom & dad, or just some over-the-counter products to help fight the cold and flu; MVP has you covered. 

They service not only the families of our community, but the businesses as well. With programs like immunization clinics and covid testing, they have everything owners need to help keep their people safe & business open. 

Available Services


Don’t worry about driving to pick up your refills, they will come to you! Same day delivery & bulk business delivery available.

Mail Order

Prescription mail offered for New Mexico & Texas residents. If you prefer your medication shipped to your doorstep, MVP can make it work!


Can’t swallow pills or having trouble finding the right dose that works for you? MVP specializes in preparing individualized solutions when no commercial alternatives are available.


Easily stay up to date on all of your vaccinations. Whether it’s time for your next booster, or it has been 10 years since your last tetanus, MVP has you covered. Save some time and register online. Curbside and home appointments available.

In-Store Shopping

Sick of harsh fillers like PEGs? MVPs Good Neighbor Pharmacy vitamins are perfect for anyone looking to improve their wellness.

Personalized Packaging

Have trouble remembering to take your medications? MVPs single and multi-dose packaging makes it easier to accurately administer and chart medications.

Long-term Care

With streamlined drug ordering, administration and disposal procedures, MVP allows facilities the time they need to focus on their patients. MVP also helps facilities maintain compliance with both state and federal regulations.

Med Sync

The CDC prevention estimate found that 50% of patients don’t take their medications as prescribed. MVP can fix that.


MVP pharmacists utilize their degree to its fullest potential; Unlike what is commonly seen at other retail pharmacies. Prescribing birth control, offering HIV PrEP/PEP & tobacco cessation medications are just a few of the things that help make MVP different.

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