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Welcome to Cinder Las Cruces, nestled at 4420 Sonoma Ranch Blvd in the vibrant Sonoma Ranch Plaza, adjacent to Popeye’s near the U.S HWY 70 Sonoma Ranch Blvd. exit. Commencing November 20th, we eagerly extend our services to the Sonoma Ranch, Telshor Boulevard, Cimarron Neighborhood, East Mesa, and University Hills communities in Las Cruces.

As your premier cannabis destination, Cinder Las Cruces presents a diverse assortment of cannabis essentials—from pre-rolls and vape pens to cartridges, edibles, and extracts. Delve into the finest offerings Las Cruces has to offer in cannabis. Join us today and experience an unrivaled selection of top-notch cannabis products at reasonable prices.

Customer satisfaction reigns supreme at Cinder. Our dedicated budtenders passionately provide exceptional service while educating patrons about the advantages of cannabis. We take pride in fostering an inclusive and informative atmosphere, catering to new and returning customers. Visit Cinder, your go-to dispensary, for a fulfilling cannabis shopping experience.