Beyond Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience -

One of the most talked-about traveling exhibits of this century is making its way to El Paso for a limited engagement at the El Paso County Coliseum! Featuring over 300 of Vincent Van Gogh’s colorful artworks, and brought to life through the use of cutting-edge projection technology, Beyond Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience is an exhibition like no other. This sensational sensory exhibit runs December 16, 2022 – January 20, 2023.

Whether you’re an art scholar, or just like to look at pretty pictures, this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Vincent Van Gogh like it’s never been experienced before. Beyond Van Gogh is a rich and unique multimedia experience, taking the viewer on a journey through over 300 iconic artworks including instantly-recognizable classics The Starry Night, Sunflowers, The Red Vineyard, and Cafe Terrace at Night, now freed from their frames.

While other shows use virtual reality or still images, this show breaks barriers by incorporating both still and moving art. Occupying over 30,000 square feet, set to a symphonic score and using the artist’s own dreams, thoughts, and words to drive the experience as a narrative, Van Gogh’s art comes to life by appearing and disappearing, flowing across multiple surfaces and heightening the senses with their immense detail.

A multi-sensory experience that provides insight into the complex mind of a visionary and troubled artist, the exhibition chronicles his life not only through his paintings, but also through lifelong correspondence with his brother Theo. In addition to introducing audiences to his work in new and evocative ways, this exhibit has been lauded as an insightful view of how art can be an emotional outlet for the inner struggles many creative people experience. The creators hope guests will leave with a new appreciation of this prolific artist’s stunning work.

Created by French-Canadian creative director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Montreal’s Normal Studio, Beyond Van Gogh is the latest boundary-pushing installation from the group, which strives to “make life legendary.” Using multimedia magic and fusing physical and technological elements to transform spaces into full-on immersive experiences, Normal Studio tells stories in new and different ways by reimagining what’s possible. The result is a unique adventure that sparks awe and wonder, making an unforgettable impact on people’s everyday lives.

Catch this colorful and ever-changing exhibit while it’s here! To purchase tickets, or for more information, including times and dates, visit the website.

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