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If your style is put together and timeless — yet comfortable — you may want to go with a traditional interior design. Here your furniture matches to create a feeling of harmony, and traditional is often considered the style of what a home is “supposed” to look like.


In a mostly rural state like New Mexico, the farmhouse style may be just what you need to create a home in harmony with nature. Start with the basics and use a neutral color palette featuring shades of brown or gray — or even both. You can easily add pops of color for accents. Fill your home with furniture that has that weathered farmhouse look and add vintage accessories for a personal touch.


Southwestern-style interior design is named for where it developed — here in the American Southwest. The style is known for earth-tone colors and natural elements reminiscent of the Old West with a Spanish influence. Get some Navajo rugs to hang on the wall or place on the floor, invest in some Pueblo pottery, and pick up some Mexican tile-embellished mirrors and your home will fit right in with the desert Southwest lifestyle.


Another casual design style is rustic, which features repurposed items or handmade furniture. Think organic, natural beauty and you’re on the right track for creating the rustic look in your home! You can feature unpainted wood, heavy pieces, and stone elements with this style of design.


In contrast to the previous design ideas, this look creates an industrial ambiance with bare bricks and wood, exposed metal vents and conduits, giving the feeling of being in a factory or warehouse. With this style, structural elements of the house not usually seen are celebrated rather than hidden. Add your personal touches and a bit of nature to the exposed elements to soften the edges.

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