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Often, when it comes to your home’s architectural style, you just know what you like — you feel a pull toward a look that meshes with your personality and lifestyle. Fortunately, the Mesilla Valley is home to many different architectural styles, from the traditional historic properties in the Alameda District to modern styles being built in new developments. Here are some of the styles you’ll find when shopping for a home.

Adobe or Pueblo Style

Early homebuilders in New Mexico made use of what was here, and for many that was adobe. Fortunately, these homes have thick walls that offer protection from winter cold and summer heat. Some old adobe homes are still in use throughout the valley and innovative homebuilders are again crafting homes in this ecologically friendly and eye-pleasing style.

Spanish Colonial Style

The Spanish first came to what is now New Mexico in the 1500s, so it’s no wonder you can find a strong Spanish influence just about everywhere. Look for red clay roofs, thick walls, and small windows as part of this distinctive style found from California to Florida.

Southwestern Style

This fusion between Spanish and Native American architecture has been found in warm southern climates for centuries. You’ll see terracotta roofs, stucco exteriors, arches, and rich textures with splashes of bright colors that stand out against the earth tones of these inviting homes.

Modern or Contemporary Style

Looking for something completely different? You can find it here, too! Builders are offering homes that have a sleek, modern look, sometimes with an industrial vibe. These modern structures are especially stunning when seen against the backdrop of our beautiful desert and Organ Mountains.


Originally published in Neighbors magazine.

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