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Dining room with handing lights and cushioned chairs

Remodeling Tips | Improve Your Home to Sell

While the continuing coronavirus pandemic has thrown the economy into turmoil and many sectors struggle to find their footing and…
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Tamales to be steamed

How to Make Tamales and Preserve Traditions

Wrapped Up in Tradition For many with roots in the Mesilla Valley, food is an important part of familial culture.…
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Woman receiving food donation

Doing Good | Neighbors Helping Neighbors

In times of hardship and crisis, people tend to put aside their differences and focus on helping one another, and…
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Two women at sewing machines making masks

Doing Good | More Neighbors Helping Neighbors

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, so does the amazing kindness from residents and businesses in this community. Las Crucens and El…
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Sunset reflecting off the Organ Mountains.

Neighborhoods of Las Cruces

The Las Cruces area offers a diverse level of “where to live” opportunities. Like most communities, the housing opportunities are…
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Coyotes are among the wildlife that can be seen in and around Las Cruces.

Thoughtful Gardener | Critters in the Garden

The wide variety of creatures that visit and inhabit my garden bring me joy. True, some may harm plants, however,…
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Hummingbird at flower feeding

Thoughtful Gardener | Create a Hummingbird Garden

Hummingbirds delight in our summer gardens filled with a wide variety of abundantly blooming flowers. However, we can provide more…
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Lavender in the garden

Thoughtful Gardener | Fall is Spring in the Desert

Add color and scent to your garden now What joy to be able to spend time outdoors again! Because of…
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Green chile pods things to know Las Cruces

8 Things to Know Before You Move to Las Cruces

Thinking of making your home in the southern part of the Land of Enchantment? Of course, we think that's a…
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