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Native lizard sun bathing on a rock.

Tips for Co-Existing with Native Reptiles

We share our Chihuahuan Desert home with many different species of native reptiles. That’s right — we are talking about…
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ask the experts logo

Ask The Experts: Las Cruces Traditions

Las Cruces is rich in culture and tradition! Many traditions are tied to annual events. Here are 10 of our…
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a bunch of white and yellow irises all together

Growing Irises in the Desert

I’ll admit I have not always been an enthusiast of irises, including everyone’s favorite bearded irises. In my view, their…
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trailhead of the Dune Trail at White Sands National Monument.

Top Regional Hiking Trails

With warmer temperatures and flowers in bloom, spring is one of the best times of the year to get active…
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box of tumbled turquoise and green colored rocks.

Discover the Beauty of Rocks, Gems, and Crystals

Southern New Mexico and the surrounding areas are some of the most prodigious locations in the United States for finding…
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red, orange, and yellow blanket flowers.

Combating Climate Change Starts in Your Garden

Gardeners are quite aware of global environmental changes, many of which we experience in our own backyards. In New Mexico,…
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Katie Boland standing behind the camera in a pink floral dress directing her new movies

Katie Boland’s newest film “We Are All in This Together” at the Las Cruces International Film Festival

We’re All in This Together is a film starring Katie Boland that deals with the themes of trauma, mental illness,…
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character in the movie laying on the floor looking up to the sky

“All the World Is Sleeping” brings living as a mother with addiction into the spotlight

The 2022 Las Cruces International Film Festival will be kicking off with All the World Is Sleeping, produced by reproductive…
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george boyden at the top of a tower


Top image: George Boyden with a big view atop Tower 2 of the Sandia Peak Tram high over Albuquerque. Photo…
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