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Painting of mountains by Rhoda Winters.

Art in Las Cruces | New galleries ready to thrive in Mesquite District

Las Cruces is home to many fine art galleries, including these recent additions to a thriving art scene in the…
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Mural by Vela showing Western scenes.

Las Cruces Art | Vela’s Vision

At just 24 years old, muralist Sebastian “Vela” Velazquez has literally made his mark in Las Cruces. He let us…
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Man working on Monasaurus skull, which is related to the monitor lizard.

The Zuhl Museum

What began as a curiosity for Joan and Herb Zuhl became a passion, then a business, and later a donation benefitting…
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Paper mâché art by Stephen Hansen showing two small painters on a Jackson Pollock painting.

Stephen Hansen Captures Great Moments in Art History

I’m not sure when I first realized having a parent who works at home, creating art, is not the norm.…
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Man walking on trail at La Llorona Park in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Las Cruces Walking Trails

The simple joy of walking offers up numerous health benefits. The American Heart Association says walking for as little as…
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Bison at Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch. Photo by Ken Stinnett.

New Mexico Road Trips | An Eco-Conscious Expedition at Ladder Ranch

What is your passion: fur, feathers, or flowers and fauna? Or perhaps you are an aficionado of rocks and ruins,…
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Overview of Oliver Lee Memorial State Park.

NM Road Trips | Oliver Lee Memorial State Park

Driving south from Alamogordo on a late fall day, I am amazed by how green the western slopes of the…
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woman viewing birds on lake

Outdoor Things to Do | Birding Hot Spots

Birding, ever a popular hobby, is a great activity for fall through spring, not only due to the diversity of species…
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cyclist on the road

Outdoor Fitness in Las Cruces

Las Cruces is an amazing place to enjoy the great outdoors. Options for outdoor fitness in Las Cruces are available…
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