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The 2022 Las Cruces International Film Festival will be kicking off with All the World Is Sleeping, produced by reproductive justice organization Bold Futures NM and directed by Ryan Lacen.

About the film

All the World Is Sleeping sheds light on the realities of addiction and the resources that are desperately needed for families living in cycles of addiction. This film was created with the aim of pushing back against the stigma faced by pregnant women and people living with substance use disorders.

In 2017, Bold Futures NM gathered seven system-impacted mothers with a history of substance use to create an artistic medium that would explore the complexities of trauma, substance use, and parenting in New Mexico. Over the course of several months and hours of conversation and community building, the insight uncovered during this process evolved into the foundation of an unlikely feature film. It was during these conversations that the women shared their personal experiences and helped bring their truth to the big screen.

There are many films about addiction. None, however, have truly captured the loving relationship between a mother and daughter in the ways these seven women have experienced. This film centers around the complex role of motherhood, addresses generational cycles of addiction, and beautifully highlights a group that is not often represented in films.

“My hope for people who watch this film is that they come out with a better understanding of the issues out there in trying to get help for women who are struggling with substance use and pregnancy,” says Bold Futures NM film leader, Doralee Urban. “My hope is that people are less judgmental and a lot more compassionate.”

Since its debut, All the World Is Sleeping has won “Best Narrative Feature” at the New York Latino Film Festival and “Best New Mexico Narrative Feature” at the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival. All the World is Sleeping was filmed almost in its entirety in Las Cruces, New Mexico. So many local people and businesses shared their space and valuable time in efforts to get this film made and share its powerful message. “It feels so good to finally be bringing it back to the New Mexico community that helped us get this enormous project to completion” Kat Sánchez, Policy Manager, Bold Futures NM.

“This unique approach to filmmaking merges the worlds of non-profit and film to truly center the people who are living this experience every single day” Charlene Bencomo, Executive Director, Bold Futures NM.

About Bold Futures NM

Bold Futures NM is a state-based reproductive justice organization led by and for women and people of color. Bold Futures NM works to build communities where everyone has what they need to make real decisions and live with respect and dignity. They focus on those most impacted by issues such as poverty, single parenting, and addiction, by creating the change needed through place-based organizing, research, and policy change.

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