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Tens of thousands of years have passed since the technology of the ax was considered cutting edge. But about 6,000 years ago, the “ax 2.0” was developed. The big upgrade to the ax was the addition of a handle to the sharpened stone or metal cutting and chopping tool. Since the invention of the ax handle, more than 120 generations of our ancestors perfected the art of using axes as an efficient tool and weapon, and now there is a place in Las Cruces for you to connect with the primal instincts of your ancestors.

Aggie Axes opened a year ago amidst the pandemic (click here to learn about more businesses that opened up during the pandemic). Located on University Avenue across the street from the Pan Am Center, Aggie Axes brings the age-old sport of ax throwing to the Mesilla Valley. Ax throwing has quickly grown in popularity nationwide over the past few years. Why? Ax throwing is a fast-paced sport with a lot of physical action and can be played by anyone who can lift an ax.

“Usually kids over 12, and sometimes younger, are fully capable to throw the axes here,” says Aggie Axes owner Mike Evett. “Of course, safety is our primary concern with our guests, so our staff evaluates everyone on a case-to-case basis.”

Mike and his brother Aaron always wanted to go into business together, and after seeing the growing popularity of ax throwing and need for activities in the Las Cruces area, ax throwing hit the bullseye as they considered their Venn diagram of possibilities. “Ax throwing really levels the playing field,” Mike chuckles. “In most cases, nobody is an expert ax thrower. We have to coach almost everyone that comes in for the first time.”

When you walk in for your appointment to throw at Aggie Axes, you’ll hear the whiz of the axes zipping through the air and the thuds and thwacks of the axes splitting the damp boards. You will hear laughter from other players and cheers of successful throwers. However, the most important sound you will hear is a greeting from the friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will explain the rules of the game and help you with your entire technique, from head to toe to throw. It will not chop into your allotted time too much to figure out what suits you best as a first-time thrower, and the staff will make sure you feel comfortable. The activity is fun on its own, but the attentive attitude of every employee at Aggie Axes makes the whole experience enjoyable.

Aggie Axes has various options available depending on your ax-chucking needs. Individuals can book a bay for $20 an hour per person, or $15 per hour for students with a valid I.D. You are welcome to bring in your own food, like a pizza from Lorenzo’s, which is right next door.

You can also rent out the entire venue for children’s gatherings like birthday parties or sports team celebrations. This option is available Monday through Thursday from 4 to 10 p.m. and costs $70 for four throwers and $15 per additional thrower. Contact them for details about their child-safe options. Aggie Axes can also be used as a fundraising venue — think jog-a-thon with a little more edge!

In addition to renting the venue for children’s gatherings, many Las Cruces businesses have found Aggie Axes is a great place to hold staff outings. Ax throwing as a team-building exercise is new way to relieve workday stress while getting the competitive juices flowing. Aggie Axes sells snacks and refreshing beverages, and tables and chairs are available for catered or brownbag meals or casual meetings. However, the real excitement comes when you and your teammates grip the handle, flip the blade, and then hear the whine of the planks as they move aside for the sharp metal squeezing its way in. An Aggie Axes team outing for your employees will be like no other.

For those who enjoy the outlet of throwing axes and have a compulsion to compete on a higher level (and throwing darts just won’t do), Aggie Axes has league play available for the community. The league costs each player $100 for eight weeks of league play. Each week, every competitor has four head-to-head matches to gain points while working toward the final tournament.

“Because of the pandemic, we have not quite been able to have a multitude of leagues,” Mike says. “We want to have couples’ leagues, women’s leagues, even a youth league if we can.”

Aggie Axes is a sanctioned venue of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL), which is the governing body for urban ax-throwing leagues. WATL membership is included in your league fees, and you accumulate points to compete in regional and national tournaments if you choose. WATL leagues span from coast to coast and into Canada, and there are hundreds of members to compete against. So, if you are the type of Viking who desires the glory and fame of a modern-day Ragnar Lothbrock, joining WATL and competing at Aggie Axes is the first step to getting into Valhalla.

Aggie Axes is a home-grown local business with a friendly staff offering entertainment unlike any other in our community. Whether you are looking for something new to do with your long-time significant other, wanting to break the ice on a first date, or just looking to connect with your family or colleagues, Aggie Axes is guaranteed to hit the target.


Written by Daniel Gonzales

Originally published in Neighbors magazine

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