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Las Cruces is an amazing place to enjoy the great outdoors. Options for outdoor fitness in Las Cruces are available year-round. With more than 350 days of sunshine per year, beautiful scenic views in virtually every direction and terrain that practically calls to be appreciated and explored — this area is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Within a 100-mile radius from the heart of Las Cruces, locals have access to some of the most incredible hiking, biking and running trails the state has to offer. It’s no wonder why many avid and professional athletes love to call Las Cruces home. Whether you’re an extreme athlete or just someone who’d like to explore some different fitness options, the Southern New Mexico region is a great place to take your exercise out of the gym and into the splendor of the great outdoors.

Walking Paths In Las Cruces

There aren’t many things you can get for free these days, but here in Las Cruces, we are fortunate to have access to terrific trails for walking, biking, running, rollerblading and so much more. In many areas around the city, walking paths are springing up, including some of the most popular: the Triviz Multi-Purpose Path, La Llorona (along the Rio Grande) and the Northeast Flood Plain (which runs behind Albertson’s and Target stores off Lohman Avenue).

Still, there are many other options for Las Crucens to utilize while staying fit, and with the city growing at a high rate, there are many more to come. Senior planner for the City of Las Cruces Thomas Schuster says there are several plans in the works to increase the amount of paths for walking and running across the city. One in particular is an Arroyo Plan, which would designate land around certain arroyos for use as trails and establish design standards for their construction. This project is an ongoing one.In addition, many developers are beginning to add these walking paths to their design, which allows users a safer way to exercise, off the roadway.

Las Cruces For Runners

In the Las Cruces area some of the best places to run are along the canals or ditch banks. Running up towards “A” Mountain is also great. The ridge that is found behind the businesses on Telshor Boulevard is also a nice trek. It is important to run on non-pavement surfaces as much as possible — it’s much easier on your joints and you’ll decrease your chances of injury.

Las Cruces For Cycling

Some popular rides include taking University Avenue up to Soledad Canyon (just follow the asphalt until it stops (this includes a great climb). For a more leisurely route, take Highway 28 south out of Mesilla and through the pecan orchards (this will take you all the way to El Paso if you are up for it). Calle del Norte, in front of The Bean in Mesilla will lead to Picacho, then take a left on Picacho, up a short hill, and follow the signs to the Las Cruces Airport. At that point, you can go as far as you like.

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